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Gain access to surety bonds for performance related projects
around the world with Bonded Global Ltd

As project managers/beneficiaries demand for security increase, a surety bond of sufficient size is a prerequisite that enables your company to undertake significant infrastructure projects in Asia, Pacific and beyond.

Wherever you are in the world, if you are seeking facilities of A$3 million or more, Bonded Global will source Surety bonds to meet your requirements.

A surety provider to match your company

Through close relationships with top surety providers, Bonded Global understands the companies and projects that interest each of them. So we can match your enterprise with a Surety provider with the right profile and stature.

Whether you have ambitious expansion plans and seek additional capacity in your Surety facility or want to replace a bank provided bond facility, Bonded Global can help.

Trusted by big players internationally

Bonded Global is the international operation of Bonded Group, with access to Surety markets in Europe and the Asia Pacific regions.

We distinguish ourselves by finding suitable Surety providers with the necessary financial strength for top tier property and construction companies. Our comprehensive service offer delivers includes developing appropriate Surety presentations and sourcing capacity at competitive terms.

If you want to find out why a growing number of corporate companies and property organisations already retain Bonded Global to assist with their surety bond programmes, please contact us.